About Us

Hi! We're Jonathan and Chelsea Morgan, owners and operators of Lair of Morganicus. 

In March of 2020, like so many others around the world, we found ourselves out of work, a bit lost, and suddenly with lots of time on our hands. We had recently purchased our first 3D resin printer to start printing minis for our weekly D&D campaign with our friends and had more than casually talked about opening a shop to sell prints. Enter: Global COVID-19 Pandemic. Knowing we had to find a way to make some money and keep us occupied through the two week (at the time) lockdown, we posted our first listing online. Thankfully as the lockdown was extended time and time again our listings and number of orders grew and grew keeping us afloat during this chaotic and unprecedented time. 

Besides kicking us into gear to start this amazing business that we love so much, we also got married in a small private ceremony for our immediate family on what was supposed to be our original wedding date (that has now been rescheduled 3 times haha) and adopted our first dog together: a Great Pyrenees named Momo (who is essentially the size of a horse). Our tiny cat, Nat tolerates Momo...most days.

We are so happy that we get to share our passion for TTRPGs with the world through our minis. Thank you for making this dream of ours possible!